5 Stage Plan

Providing a bespoke service to industry

Providing a bespoke service to industry

Which UAS is appropriate for the task in question?

3 Axis-UAS Five Stage Plan bespoke process to help our clients integrate drones into their business

1. Determine which drone and Sensor Hardwear are most appropriate for the business objectives


• Fixed Wing

• Tethered

• Aerostat

• Multispectral

• IR

• Other

2. Implement the CONOPS, OSC,SMS,workflow, procedures and training (in house)

3 Axis-UAS have experience of integrating new procedures and training into existing operational systems.

3. Select which software to be used, use the software that produces the deliverables you require

• Mapping software

• 3D Processing

• Thermal

• Other

4. Ensuring compliance with current CAA Regulations or other countries Regulations.

As we have excellent knowledge of CAA, EASA and FAA regulations, we can advise what you require and apply to your business. Keep you updated on new regulations when they happen.

5. Advising which insurance will be required for which operations

3 Axis-UAS are independent so can advise you as to the best UAV Insurance for your operations and what level of risk you require.

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Providing a bespoke service to industry

‘In the past clients have commented on the great quality of our RAMS and H&S on site. But having 3 Axis-UAS input has enabled us to step our H&S and UAS processes up a gear and take us to the next level. 3 Axis-UAS experience and knowledge is vast, and his way of teaching is very methodical. I would highly recommend 3 Axis-UAS to take your UAS operations to the next level’

David Walters
Operations Director