Industries Using UAS

The industry sectors we cover


The energy sector, especially the Oil and Gas Sector, is a growth area, as new technology in sensor-equipped UAS offers a safe, low-cost way to inspect platform facilities.

Inspections can be conducted on either manned or unmanned platforms, without having to send workers to scale towers and hiring expensive helicopters,which can cost thousands of pounds an hour to operate.

Areas that Drone Inspections have been utilised:

• Flarestacks

• Derricks

• Topside

• Hard to access areas

• Heli pad

• Potential hazardous areas (confined spaces)

3 Axis-UAS can assist you in your operations, either to start your business or provide professional advice to get your UAS operations working to their full potential.


The infrastructure sector is one of the biggest to embrace UAS technology.

The challenges faced by the Infrastructure industry range from feasibility planning and construction to monitoring aging critical infrastructure, whether these be roads, pipelines, building facilities or fairground structures. Using new sensor technology (IR thermal cameras, etc) 3 Axis-UAS offer independent advice on your operations.

The safety, time and cost benefits are been appreciated across the sector including:

• Power Transmission Tower and Line Inspections

• Bridge Inspections

• Wind Farm Blade and Structure Inspections

• Pipe Line Monitoring

• Telecommunication Network


The Construction sector is an area that with new sensors and new technology is starting to embrace the drone sector.

Monitoring all phases of construction, from pre-planning to review of completed commercial properties, to improve productivity and output. Building Information Modelling (BIM) Mapping is making an impact on the way companies are using data to make precise decisions. Unmanned Aerial Systems are useful in many ways e.g.

• Monitoring Sites

• Rail network

• Brownsites

• Security

• Sky line surveys

• Progress Reports

We are working with drone companies in the USA, in the construction sector.


The survey sector has embraced the use of UAS technology, and is now seeing new software and sensor technology advancing at a rapid rate. Using 2D and 3D geo spatial information, from geo referencing mapping to flood mapping, for stock pile measurements mining, potential reservoir locations and new road networks to mention a few. This is achieved using the following survey techniques:


• GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)

• Multispectral

• Infra-Red

• Hyperspectral

• Satellite

The next barrier is BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) which will make UAS technologies even more valuable to this sector.

We are working alongside some of the leading drone survey companies in both the UK and the USA.


The security sector is seeing a big spike in the use of "Drones" for incursions into a number of areas (Prisons, MOD, defence etc). The Counter UAS sector aids in deterring the use of unwanted drones by using systems which are progressing at a rapid rate, with Governments and Security having great interest in this new technology.

Systems ranging from a few hundred pounds to millions of pounds are available in this sector, and are used to monitor

• MOD sites

• Aerodromes

• Prisons

• Nuclear

• And many more

3 Axis-UAS are experts in the operation of commercially available drone technology. We understand its capabilities and limitations allowing us to give you expert advice on how to counter and react to unwanted drone incursions.

3 Axis-UAS can help you in your operations with experts in defence and security sector.

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